One of the prerequisites for our society to function is that electrical products can work with other appliances without disturbing or interfering. If different devices are constantly interfering with one another, it is difficult to have an effective and safe society. Electrical products give different behavior in the event of a disturbance from the fact that the disturbance does not affect the function and passes without being noticed to cause personal or financial damage.

In order for appliances to work together, they must not disseminate signals other than those permitted and be sufficiently resistant to interference in its surroundings. They must also to a certain extent be able to cope with natural phenomena such as thunder and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) as well as other special disturbances.

As a tool for authorities to control and control the spread of interference by various electronic products and their resistance to them, standards have been jointly developed that describe the different requirements. There are emission standards and standards for resistance to interference. Standards also specify methods for testing and measuring appliances and other electronic products or equipment.

We at Tramo follow all applicable standards regarding our products and you can read more about these on the respective product page. There are also direct links to most standards that are described on the internet.

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