Frequent asked questions

Our normal office hours are Monday to Friday between 0700 and 1700.

If you need quick help, you can contact us via e-mail to Trafoakuten. We usually answer there outside of office hours.

You can calculate the size of a transformer according to the needs of the electrical product. You can calculate it yourself using a mathematical formula, but it is easier if you contact us and we can give you a complete proposal on the size and power of the transformer.

It depends a little on what kind of product you want. We have a large stock of ready-made products that we can ship out in almost all at once. Special solutions where we have to order home materials for manufacturing will of course take a little longer, but we always try to make sure you get your delivery as soon as possible.

We have been ISO certified since 1997 and upgraded our certification in 2018 to ISO 9001: 2015. The system allows everyone in the organization to feel involved in the quality work. This guarantees that all products that leave our manufacturing have the highest quality in terms of function and product characteristics.

We follow up internal and external environmental requirements and implement them in our environmental policy. We believe that all our customers should be able to trust that all products are manufactured in accordance with laws and regulations and our own high environmental goals. To ensure that you as a customer receive products with the lowest possible environmental impact, we are transparent with our environmental work. You can read more about this under the menu item "About us"

Technical information

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