Environmental development and environmental responsibility are an important part of TRAMO's manufacturing and development work. Our environmental work is based on our drafted environmental policy where Swedish legislation and permit conditions are minimum requirements.

ISO Certifikat

ISO 14001 Intertek Certified

We have been ISO certified since 1997 and upgraded our certification in 2018 to ISO 14001: 2015. In accordance with our certification we place high demands on ourselves where our environmental responsibility is an important part of our work..

Environmental policy Resposnibility

We follow up internal and external environmental requirements and implement them in our environmental policy. We believe that all our customers should be able to trust that all products are manufactured in accordance with laws and regulations and our own high environmental goals.



Responsibility for the 3rd world Conflict Minerals

We always follow up our purchases of manufacturing materials for our products. An important part of this follow-up is to ensure that no materials, directly or through third parties, contain so-called conflict minerals. Therefore, we have established a Certificate of Compliance regarding these minerals.

Description of goods Clarity

We want to be transparent about what materials are used in our manufacturing and how these affect the environment around us. You can read what materials are included and how they might affect the environment in our environmental product declaration for both transformers and DC units.


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